Crumpton Oaks Cider Monday Pool League

first_imgSweethearts98188721624 Results:  The Drum & Monkey 10 v 5 Rabbi’s Elephant, The Fairways 10 v 8 inks Bar, The Irish Rovers 7 v 10 Nicky’s, The Stag’s Head 10 v 9 Sportscene TeamPWLFA+-Pts. Nicky’s1192103713227 Melodies9366582-179 Results & Standings May 2 (week 10) Essex Arms9636962718 Caddyshack9276576-116 Ryan’s Bar8445870-1212 The Fairways9547268415 Division 1 The Irish Rovers11569486815 TeamPWLFA+-Pts. Eor’s Bar9185287-353center_img The Drum & Monkey10377492-189 Pooks Bar97287444321 Offshore Bar9185588-333 Mai’s Bar97284602421 Links Bar11569286615 Classroom10648781618 The Stag’s Head9547775215 Sportscene8084180-390 Rabbi’s Elephant Bar118392771524 Streamline8446563212 Division 2 Results:  Caddyshack 6 v 10 Classroom, Pooks Bar 10 v 0 Essex Arms, Offshore Bar 8 v 10 Mai’s Bar, Sweethearts 10 v 9 Eor’s Barlast_img read more

Smoked out at Khao Kheow

first_imgPSC Golf from the Outback Golf BarMonday, Dec. 19, Khao Kheow – StablefordTwenty-nine Outbackers at this ever popular venue, which was in absolutely fabulous condition and bathed in sunshine until we got to around the eighth hole of the A loop, where there was some serious burning off going on which unfortunately blew across the course for a couple of holes or so.  It was extremely unpleasant to breathe in but I guess it needs to be done. The opening four holes on loop A were straight into the wind, which caused holes 2, 3 and 4 to play very difficult and indeed in one of the groups three of the four players could muster only three points at that stage.  Generally however, the guys got the better of the course to return some excellent scores with the best of the day coming from Andy Makara with 41 points to win Div B.  On any other day John Locke and David Davies would have expected to win with their 40 points each but they had to be content with second and third respectively.Owen Walkley (left) and Andy Makara (right) were the flight winners at Khao Kheow on Monday.Andy’s mate, Owen Walkley took Div A with 39 points ahead of Svenn Lund (37pts) and the Capt’ on the same score, playing off a handicap which nobody could believe (13) and are not likely to see for very long.  He (Capt’ Bob) received a cut of .3 of a stroke which was nothing compared to Andy & David who were cut a massive 2.5 and 2 shots, whilst John Locke lost 1.2.The other bit of news was about the snake found in the changing rooms which caused a scary moment or two for one of our players as he was doing the necessary in the loos.  Apparently he managed to lift his feet up out of the way but it does paint an interesting picture as he tried to avoid the inquisitive intruder!  Anyhow, no harm done and the staff caught it eventually.There was only one ‘2’ that came from Bobby Driggs on the Island Green (B8).Div A (0-16)1st Owen Walkley (11/Hi9.9) 39pts2nd Svenn Lund (15/Hi14) 37pts3rd Bob Philp (13/Hi12) 37ptsDiv B (17+)1st Andy Makara (31/Hi28.5) 41pts2nd David Davies (31/Hi28.6) 40pts3rd John Locke (17/Hi15.3) 40ptsTuesday, Dec. 20, Pattaya C.C. – StablefordThe General received a bit if flack from some of the members last week for criticising the state of the greens, complaining that the greens had not been cut as a result of his comments to the management about them being unplayably quick!  Well today, they were back to that state and coupled with the ridiculous pin positions it was hardly surprising that nobody got a ‘2’.Neil Lavery (centre right), Brian Maddox (centre left), Carl Luke (right) and Phil Waite (left) relax at the Outback after Friday’s golf.Elsewhere, the fairways are becoming rock hard and are desperately in need of watering.  Furthermore, on a number of holes the white tee markers had been moved back to the blue tees, all of which has contributed to a much tougher course than usual.This was the second day in a row that the course had played two shots harder than par and on the previous Friday in Chad’s group, when there were not enough players to calculate the CSA, only two of the eleven players, broke 30 points.Unfortunately none of this is reflected in the scores being returned to the PSC for handicap purposes so we can expect to see our EGA and the USGA handicap systems get out of step again very quickly for some players and indicates a clear fault with the USGA method of handicapping, as there is no mechanics for daily adjustments to any course.Two Irish lads ran away with it in both Div. A, John Cogan (38pts) and John White (41pts) in Div. B, both winning by substantial margins with John C clear by four and John W by a massive eight!Div A (0-17)1st John Cogan (16/Hi17.2) 38pts2nd Lloyd Shuttleworth (4/Hi6.4) 34pts3rd Svenn Lund (12/Hi13.7) 32ptsDiv B (18+)1st John White (25/Hi25.4) 41pts2nd David Earthrowl (22/Hi22.6) 33pts3rd Doug Chalkley (19/Hi20.5) 30ptsWednesday, Dec. 21, Burapha – StablefordToday’s results here on the Burapha A & B nines from the blues have once again blown wide open the long-running handicap story here in Pattaya.  The blue tees are clearly completely misrated at 73.2/131, which only becomes visibly apparent when the Handicap Index is applied the way it was intended (i.e. before you play), using either the EGA or the USGA systems.Last week we re-aligned everybody’s handicap who were showing more than one shot difference between the two systems, an action we were considering carrying out on a monthly basis, attempting to maintain a workable balance between our EGA and the PSC’s USGA handicaps, yet maintaining handicap control of the many visitors who play out of the Outback.Quite apart from the fact that we are totally embarrassed that Capt’ Bob romped home with a massive 41 points off a ridiculous playing handicap of 15, we did not make it up.  We all know that Capt’ Bob is a much better golfer than that but when entering all his last 20 scores to the USGA system, his Index is 12; the course rating/slope then gives him 3 more in addition.  However, since he plays most of his golf at Burapha his Index is probably one or two higher than it would be if he played at Pattaya C.C. a similar number of times.Then look at Div. B where the higher handicappers get as many 4 or 5 additional strokes, hence Greg Hill winning with 44 points from Steve Giles (43pts) and Pete Stonebridge back in third place, with a very respectable 40.Sure, we’re back to the drawing board to consider the options but the possibility of each course having a ‘Wet Season’ and a ‘Dry Season’ rating/slope is worth discussion, as is in particular, the re-rating of Burapha, even though it may override the official rating; but stand up those who would argue that Burapha is two or three shots harder than Khao Kheow.For the record, 21 Outbackers played and there were three ‘2’s from Sel Wegner (hole A3), Steve Duncan (hole B3) and Steve Giles (hole B8).Div A (0-17)1st Bob Philp (15/Hi11.7) 41pts2nd Kev Watson (14/Hi11.1) 36pts3rd Ron Dickie (9/Hi7.1) 34ptsDiv B (18+)1st Greg Hill (24/Hi20) 44pts2nd Steve Giles (29/Hi24.2) 43pts3rd Pete Stonebridge (22/Hi18.3) 40ptsFriday, Dec. 23, Green Valley – StablefordThere were twenty-three Outbackers at Green Valley today, where one stood out from all the rest in a day generally of average scoring.Whereas 35 points from Neil Lavery and Sel Wegner was enough to fill the top two places in Div A, the same 35 in Div B from Brian Maddox and Carl Luke was only good enough for second and third.  The outstanding score of the day, a massive 43 points, came from Phil Waite eight shots better than anyone else.There were five ‘2’s from Sel Wegner (hole 4), Joe Mooneyham (hole 9), Bobby Driggs (hole 12), and Neil Lavery & Steve Mann on hole 16.Don’t forget, the New Year will see the start of our new 5 days per week schedule, which will include two 2-day sponsored pairs competitions a month, featuring better-ball and scramble formats, which kick off at Emerald on 11th January.  Regular single stableford tournaments, start at Plutaluang on Wednesday 4th and Eastern Star on Thursday 5th.Finally, Capt’ Bob & General Jack and all the staff at the Outback would like to wish all everybody a very Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year.Div A (0–14)1st Neil Lavery (12/Hi12.7) 35pts2nd Sel Wegner (13/Hi13.8) 35pts3rd Steve Plant (13/Hi13.7) 33ptsDiv B (15+)1st Phil Waite (16/Hi15.8) 43pts2nd Brian Maddox (21/Hi20.4) 35pts3rd Carl Luke (18/Hi17.6) 35ptsNote:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country.  All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.last_img read more

Moseley beats the heat at Phoenix

first_imgPSC Golf from The Billabong Golf BarWednesday, Oct. 21, Green Valley – StablefordWith 54 holes up and running and with a further 18 under development, the Green Valley complex, once completed, will be among the biggest in Thailand.  But seeing only 15 cars in the car park you can understand why the Green Valley management were pleased that the Billabong arrived today with 44 players. Harry Moseley & Alan Bartlett.Big hitting Auke Engelkes was unperturbed about the prospect of rain and presented a card with his best score in recent months, 39 points, to take the top spot on the podium.  Neil Herd and Jamie Ross both had 36 points with Neil having a better back nine for second place.  Mike Quill was delighted with 35 points for fourth and Kevin Hamilton nudged Wayne Cotterell out of the winner’s enclosure with 34 points.We had 8 ladies playing with us today, with Capt. Sa outstripping the rest of the field on 36 points, well ahead of the chasing pack where Miss Phaeng got the nod in a photo finish over Miss Nu, both on 31 points.There were six ‘2’s, the pot being shared by Neil Herd, Bob Finley, Gerry Roche, Keith Allen, Gerry Hog and Miss Becky.Friday, Oct. 23, Phoenix – StablefordPhoenix was the venue today and under high cloud we were away early in extremely hot conditions, and when I say hot I mean sweltering hot as in very unpleasant.  The course was in grand shape with fast greens and great lies on the fairways everywhere.  Just a small field today of four groups,Jason with Neil Herd and Mike Quill.The scores weren’t that good, must have been the heat that sapped our energy, and taking third place was Paul Blackshaw with 35 points, him being beaten on a count back be Alan Bartlett on the same score but with the better back nine.  Taking line honours was one of our visitors from Dubai, Harry Moseley, with a fine 36 points.There were no ‘2’s recorded which is surprising as the par three’s here are not that long or that difficult. The greens here have still not recovered from the recent harsh scarifying and the plastic inserts seem to be almost above the level of the hole, making putting difficult.  Weather wise we had everything today – hot and humid even at 9 a.m. but this was followed by thunder and heavy black clouds.  The last two groups were unfortunately unable to finish as the heavens opened up.last_img read more

Growling Swan Golf kicks off in style

first_imgPSC Golf from The Growling SwanTuesday, June 5, Eastern Star – StablefordThis was a historic occasion for the twenty golfers who signed up for The Growling Swan Opening Day at the challenging Eastern Star Golf Course and there was a terrific “buzz” in the air as we assembled at the venue in readiness for the trip to the course.  Complimentary tea & coffee was available prior to our departure and several of us took advantage of Peter Grey’s hospitality. Mike Allidi, Peter Blackburn & Fred Dineley.Some of us were travelling to the golf course by car and the remainder departed in 2 mini buses and due to the 10.26 am tee time we got on our way at 9.15 am.  There was a bit of activity when we arrived at the course 35 minutes later but we were hopeful of teeing off ahead of schedule.I thanked all for attending this important inaugural Growling Swan Golf Competition and in particular made mention of the presence of the Pattaya Sports Club Golf Chairman, Joe Mooneyham who had kindly agreed to participate in the day’s event.  As we teed off 6 minutes ahead of schedule Joe kicked off the proceedings by hitting a cracking drive down the first which we were expected to follow but unfortunately we couldn’t match him.It was alleged after the game that one of the Aussies who cannot be named but his initials are Stuart Rifkin, celebrated the occasion by performing a good old Aussie ritual called “shooting the moon” on the first tee.  Good on you Stu and rest assured, the likelihood of incarceration is fairly remote as all present said they “never saw a thing”!The weather was fine but hot with a very stiff breeze and the golf course was looking good although some of the greens had much residual sand on them which made putting very tricky at times.  Despite a couple of fairly slow groups in front of us we proceeded at a good pace and after a 10 minute drinks break before the 11th tee we managed to finish our round in the good time of four hours & fifteen minutes.It was also important to thank Peter Grey of The Growling Swan who contributed to making this all possible and thanks to Mashi Kaneta & Tom Cotton for supporting me on this special day.We had 2 Flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 20 and B Flight for 21 and over.  There were rewards for nearest the pins on the four par threes and longest first putts on the 9th & 18th greens.  Many thanks to Peter Grey & Martin Todd for providing additional rewards for these novelties.The going was tough for most of us on the day as the scores will indicate and no-one was able to get better than 2 points from their handicap.  As there were 6 golfers amongst us without handicaps their scores were determined using the Callaway System which certainly evened things out somewhat.The A Flight was won once more by Mike Allidi with a modest (for him) 32 points.  There were 4 golfers on 31 points vying for second & third places with Tony Turnbough (17 point back nine, 13 points on last 6 holes & 8 points on last 3 holes) finishing second ahead of Stu “naughty boy” Rifkin (17 point back nine, 13 points on last 6 holes & 6 points on last 3 holes.  The two unlucky golfers were Mashi Kaneta & Alain Taddei, both with 16 point back nines.Much to his surprise Fred Dinely took out the B Flight with the best score of the day, 34 points, just 1 ahead of Tom Cotton in second place and in third place was Sandy Leiper with 31 points.A Flight (0-20)1st Mike Allidi (2) 32pts2nd Tony Turnbough (20) 31pts3rd Stu Rifkin (16) 31ptsB Flight (21+)1st Fred Dinely 34pts2nd Tom Cotton (23) 33pts3rd Sandy Leiper 31ptsNear Pins:  3rd – Ken Bernek, 6th – Eric Black, 13th – Ken Bernek, 17th – Mashi KanetaLong Putts:  9th – Tom Cotton, 18th – Mashi KanetaIt needed a count back to decide who was going to win the Compass Cap (awarded for worst score on the day) with your writer happily wearing the cap which was just reward for a very ordinary but very enjoyable game of golf.Deefa the Dog was more than happy in his new home and was paraded by big Ken “let’s hear it for” Bernek in the absence of Hunter and collected many donations from the generous Growling Swan boys.It was then back to The Growling Swan for a few hours and several celebratory beers with much humor and merriment.  It was unanimous that the day had been an outstanding success and we are all looking forward to many more super days like this.Thursday, June 7, Crystal Bay A & C – StablefordDespite one “no show” we had a good group of fifteen golfers eager to compete in the second Growling Swan Golf event.  The course was the popular Crystal Bay and as we assembled at G.S. we once more enjoyed Peter Grey’s complimentary tea & coffee and prepared for the trip down Highway 3.Mashi Kaneta & Peter Blackburn.We were welcoming back Bo Cardwell from a week with her family and Fred Cuypers from his 3 weeks in Europe.  Unfortunately we were also saying Bon Voyage to Fred as he is returning to Perth, Australia in the next day or so.  We also bade farewell to our good friend Paul Sharples who is returning to his work in Oman.8.30 am is now our normal departure time from G.S. and we got away right on time, arriving at Crystal Bay 46 minutes later to find the caddies eagerly awaiting as there were very few other golfers present at that time.  A & C were the designated nines to be played on the day and after some leisurely preparation our first group, a three ball teed off 10 minutes ahead of schedule at 9.50 am.It was “millionaire’s golf” as there was no-one ahead of us and with almost perfect weather, albeit a few rain clouds above we proceeded to enjoy this great golf course which was in excellent condition.  Playing the first nine, A in the very good time of one hour and fifty five minutes we had a short drinks break before commencing C nine which we had not played for quite some time.  Continuing our good pace we finished the whole round in four hours & five minutes after taking another quick drinks break half way through the second nine.With the smallish field we had just the one Grade plus nearest the pin rewards on all the par threes and longest first putts on A9 & C9, kindly sponsored by Mike Gosden & Daryl Evans.Mostly the scoring was good on the day with one exceptional score, that being the 44 points by Mashi Kaneta who carded his best ever gross score of 75.  Well done Mashi!  This of course gave him first place and 5 points further back came Tom (T.C.) Cotton in second place.There were 3 golfers on 38 points so a count back was necessary to determine third, fourth & fifth places.  In third place came Stu “Heineken” Rifkin (20 point back nine) with departee Fred Cuypers (19 point back nine) coming fourth and another departee Paul Sharples (17 point back nine) completing the podium in fifth spot.1st Mashi Kaneta (11) 44pts2nd Tom Cotton (23) 39pts3rd Stu Rifkin (16) 38pts4th Fred Cuypers (14) 38pts5th Paul Sharples (13) 38ptsNear Pins:  A5 – Tom Cotton, A8 – Peter Blackburn, C4 – Mike Gosden, C7 – Alain TaddeiLong Putts:  9th – Mashi Kaneta, 18th – Peter BlackburnBo Cardwell celebrated her return by winning the Compass Cap (awarded for the worst score on the day) on a count back from Jerry Dobbs and Hunter paraded Deefa the Dog who is reveling in his new home and collected many donations from the generous Growling Swan Golf crew.The winner of the Consistency Award for May, kindly sponsored by Mike Gosden was won by yours truly, Peter Blackburn.Back at the Growling Swan afterwards we once more celebrated another successful outing and enjoyed the camaraderie and merriment. As I looked around the bar I couldn’t help thinking of the people who had been saying that this was another “Aussie Golf Bar”.  We had representatives from USA, France, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Ireland, England, and of course a “handful” of Australians.  No Danes on this occasion but I’m sure it won’t be too long before they will be amongst us.last_img read more

Finally, Peter Lacey another Green Jacket

first_imgWinners at Bangpakong1st Place – Peter Lacey (11) – 39 pts2nd Place – Billy Buchanan (14) – 38 pts3rd Place – Tip Briney (27) – 35 pts c/backTip Briney had a good round then stepped into the shower and soaped himself all over (please don’t try to picture that). Turned on the tap to rinse off and zilch, nil water. After what seemed like 10 minutes, although possibly less than that, calling at the top of his lungs for someone to bring water, an attendant came with a bucket of water for Tip to finish his shower. That’s his good excuse for keeping his mates waiting.Oh!, for those who want know, Joy’s meal today was Massaman Chicken. Please Support Pattaya Mail However, we are always presented with a course in beautiful condition, with nicely cut fairways, greens that never seem to change in looks or pace, and rough that doesn’t cause much trouble.Add to this, we currently have the great price of 1650 baht all-in, with vouchers.Peter Lacey has been waiting for another Green Jacket since December last year. Today he came out and made full use of the conditions, and his extra handicap shot, to score a terrific 39 points and grab the first spot, and of course, the Jacket.Billy Buchanan reckoned he had lost form so badly that he needed some time off. He took only a week or so, but it worked out pretty well for him by scoring 38 points in taking second place.Tip Briney, still playing well, and George Mueller both scored 35 points, but Tip had a better second nine to take the countback for the final podium place.We could muster only 11 players today, so we had to leave the ‘near pins’ in the cupboard and have just the three placings. Winner, Peter Lacey, with Tip Briney, now dry.Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf SocietyWednesday, July 15BangpakongStablefordWe suppose some golfers have their reasons why they sometimes shun Bangpakong Riverside golf course. Most often the excuse is that it is too far to travel. Might be worth checking the GPS sometime. Promoted Contentbrainberries8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits Earthbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries8 Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too Farbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its GrowthbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?brainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries10 TV Characters Who Were Destined To Become Iconicbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries7 Mind-Boggling Facts About Black HolesbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesHow Couldn’t You See The Impact Of These Women On Our Lives?brainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesIs This The Most Delicious Food In The World?brainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesTop Tastiest Foods From All Over The WorldbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberriesTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The Worldbrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty Pennybrainberriesbrainberriesbrainberries14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Nowbrainberriesbrainberrieslast_img read more

Massive numbers turn out for 23rd Links Cup

first_imgC Flight1st Michael Pallensen (28) 42pts2nd Richard Dobson (27) 39pts3rd Richard Hughes (23) 39pts4th Jim Ferris (23) 38pts Pattaya Links Golf SocietyWednesday, March 1, Greenwood – Links Cup/StablefordA Flight1st Neil Carter (16) 38pts2nd Mark Johnstone (16) 38pts The 23rd Links Cup monthly tournament drew a field of 85 keen as mustard golfers last Wednesday.  They came from all around Pattaya, including a large contingent from The Bunker Boys golf society.It was apparent from the numbers that we needed to have a 2 tee-start, so with the cooperation of the Greenwood management we teed off from A1 and C1.  So well managed was it that the crossover, for our group at least, was seamless and it was like changing nines any other day.From left: Neil Carter, Michael Pallensen and Sunny Khanna.The Links Cup offers a prize on every hole, from near pins to longest first putt, to closest 2nd shot on par 4s and the Keg of beer from sponsor, TOUCH Agogo.For the novelty prizes there were 2 flights but because we had such a large number of players, it was decided to split into 3 flights with 4 places in each for the main prizes.Greenwood Golf course is a pleasure to play, especially those of us who are scared of water.  It seems the course is always in very fine condition, and although a little damp in places, particularly around the greens, it allowed some quite good, but not crazy, scores to be had.At the presentations later at the Links Bar, Christian gave a ‘thank you’ speech and then Phil took over the microphone to announce the winners.As something new to Links Bar golf competitions, the best score of the day will get to wear the brand new green jacket.  And today, with a big 42 points on the card it was Michael Pallesen turn to be the first wearer. B Flight1st Sunny Khanna (18) 38pts2nd Soren Hansen (18) 38pts3rd Dave Lehane (19) 36pts4th Mogens Melander (19) 36ptscenter_img 3rd Allan Freeman (5) 38pts4th Banjo Bannister (15) 37pts Friday, March 3, Khao Kheow – StablefordIt was Phil’s birthday bash today so we played a rainbow stableford with golfers having to tee off from 6 each of yellow, white and reds in any order they wished.  This is where tactics came into play.As per our Links Cup there were prizes on every hole, some for A Flight, some for B Flight, and some for both.  In addition there were paying slots for 4 places in each of the 3 flights.Considering the extra large number of players, the whole field moved along at a good pace and even though we were last group there were no major hold-ups.Patrick Poussier (left) with Phil Davies.The condition of the course was excellent and we can only reiterate the reports from most of the other societies that Khao Kheow is (it seems) always in top notch order.A birthday party needs food, music, and fun and later that night at the Links Bar we had it all.   At the presentations all the prize winners came forward to have their photo taken with Phil and in what has become a tradition at Pattaya Links Golf ( well the 2nd time anyway), the coveted green jacket was presented to the player with the highest points total for the day.  Amassing an amazing 51 stableford points was Patrick Poussier.At the other end of the scale was the worst score for the day was Aussie Kev Timbrell, who looked dashing with his new brown hair (low score prize wig) covering his normal grayish colour).It was then time to mix and catch up, after a successful day, starting with 3 cheers for the birthday boy.last_img read more

Bill would require doctor at NYC youth tackle football games

first_imgCHAMPIONS—The Garfield Gator Twerps won the Southwestern Pennsylvania Youth Athletic League Championship with a 13-8 win over the North Side Steelers. (Photos by William McBride)NEW YORK (AP) – All youth football games would be required to have a doctor present to monitor possible concussions as part of legislation considered Friday by the New York City Council.The hearing focused on the safety of young players who are even more vulnerable to brain injuries than their counterparts in high school, college and professional leagues.“It’s too common that kids are taught that getting your bell rung is OK and you need to play through it,” said Councilman Corey Johnson, a Democrat from Manhattan. “Repeated concussions can cause lifelong health injuries especially when the brain does not have time to heal.”The legislation would also require that a doctor or an athletic trainer be present at all full-contact practices. If passed, the measures would be the first in the nation to require doctors at both youth games and full-contact practices, advocates say. Additionally, a task force would be created to collect data on all concussions to help inform further safeguards.Several medical professionals, including a trainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, offered testimony in favor of the bills. The council members pointed to the millions of children who will watch the Feb. 2 Super Bowl, featuring the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, as an impetus for acting quickly.“Their safety has to come before anything else,” said Councilman Stephen Levin, a Democrat from Brooklyn.A doctor is already assigned to high school games. City officials expressed support for increasing safety but expressed concerns about the cost and logistics of the proposed expansion.Currently, doctors cost $100 per game while athletic trainers charge about $35 an hour, according to city officials. A recent $1.2 million donation to the Public Schools Athletic League from the New York Giants has helped offset those costs.There are more than 70 youth tackle football leagues that operate in the city each fall, representing more than 17,000 hours of playing time, and the need for additional doctors and data collection would put a strain on the community groups that fund the leagues, according to city officials.“We have concern that bill would have chilling impact on programs in poorer neighborhoods,” said Liam Kavanagh, first deputy commissioner for the Parks Department.It is not clear if city funds could be directed to the program. A vote on the measures has not been scheduled.Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Mother knows best: Serena opts out of Aussie title defense

first_imgIn this Jan. 28, 2017 file photo, United States’ Serena Williams gestures as she holds her trophy after defeating her sister Venus in the women’s singles final at the Australian Open tennis championships in Melbourne, Australia. (AP Photo/Dita Alangkara, File) Serena Williams’ decision not to defend her Australian Open title four months after giving birth to her first child had nothing to do with merely being able to play at Melbourne Park.The seven-time Australian Open champion confirmed Friday she wouldn’t attempt to defend the title she won here last year, saying she wasn’t convinced she could win it.Williams played in an exhibition tournament last weekend in Abu Dhabi to test her match condition, and indicated after her loss to French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko that she might not travel to Melbourne.“After competing in Abu Dhabi I realized that although I am super close, I’m not where I personally want to be,” Williams said in a statement Friday. “My coach and team always said ‘Only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way.’ I can compete – but I don’t want to just compete, I want to do far better than that and to do so, I will need a little more time.“With that being said, and even though I am disappointed about it, I’ve decided not to compete in the Australian Open this year.”Williams was pregnant when she won at Melbourne Park last year, her Open-era record 23rd Grand Slam singles title. She gave birth to her daughter, Alexis Olympia, in September.Williams didn’t drop a set while winning last year’s title, and her victory helped her regain the world No.1 ranking.The 36-year-old Williams needs only one more major title to equal the all-time record held by Margaret Court, who won 13 of her 24 Grand Slam titles before the Open era began in 1968.Three women have returned after having babies to win Grand Slam singles titles in the Open era, including Court and fellow Australian Evonne Goolagong Cawley, who won the 1977 Australian Open seven months after giving birth to daughter, Kelly, and added her second Wimbledon title in 1980.Kim Clijsters returned from retirement after having a daughter, Jada Elle, in February 2008, and won the 2009 U.S. Open in her third tournament back.Williams’ withdrawal came less than 24 hours after fellow former world No. 1 Andy Murray withdrew from the men’s event with a chronic hip injury.Other star players, including top-ranked Rafael Nadal, six-time champion Novak Djokovic and 2014 winner Stan Wawrinka, also are dealing with injuries.Williams last year beat older sister Venus in the final. In terms of total years, it was the oldest Grand Slam women’s final in the Open era —Williams sisters combining for 71 years, 11 months.Venus has returned and is playing in Sydney next week to prepare for the Australian Open, which begins Jan. 15.Serena will sit one out, but is promising to return in future.“The memory of last year’s Open is one that I will carry with me, and Olympia and I look forward to coming back again,” she said. “I appreciate the support and understanding of my fans and everyone at the Australian Open.”Tournament director Craig Tiley said Serena Williams waited as long as she could before letting organizers know she wouldn’t be able to compete.“I’ve been in constant contact with Serena and her team and know this is why she has pushed it and pushed it until the 11th hour to make her final decision,” he said. Organizers later announced that French Open semifinalist Timea Bacsinszky had also withdrawn after failing to recover in time following surgery on her right hand in September.With Serena Williams out, the women’s singles title at Melbourne appears to be wide open. No. 1-ranked Simona Halep and No. 3 Caroline Wozniacki are bidding to win their first Grand Slam singles titles.Also in the mix will be No. 2-ranked Garbine Muguruza, last year’s Wimbledon winner, U.S. Open champion Sloane Stevens and Venus Williams, who will be aiming to win her eighth major singles title at the age of 37.last_img read more

They came home for a reason! Pitt legends Sam Clancy, Jerome Lane at ‘The Pete’ (Bill Neal’s perspective Jan. 31)

first_imgLike us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter PITT LEGENDS SAM CLANCY AND JEROME LANE were at the Peterson Events Center for Pitt’s game against Syracuse, Jan. 27. (Photos by Will McBride)“You can always go home.”It’s been said by a lot of people of lot of different ways for a very long time. So it must be true, and the longevity of the statement bore out at the Peterson Events Center, Jan. 27, as the Pitt legends of the game returned to the scope of their blue and gold dominance.You know the names and you remember them. Pitt basketball and winning were a common theme song. Sam “Bam” Clancy, Charles Smith, Jerome “Yea I Broke It” Lane, just to name a few. (If you think for one minute I am not going to say it you are crazy, Sam Clancy’s shirt should be retired and hanging in the rafters next to Charles Smith!!! Live with it.)On Jan. 25, 1988, it was the day at the old Fitzgerald Field House that will live forever. Lane, taking the pass from Sean Miller, and the most famous dunk in Panthers history soon followed, shattering the backboard against Providence. Most of college basketball nation remembers that play, as ESPN televised that game nationally. Lane was in attendance at this Jan. 27, 2018 matchup against Syracuse.JARED WILSON-FRAME averages 12.8 points per game for the Panthers. Pitt fell to 0-9 in the ACC after losing to Syracuse, 60-55, Jan. 27.From the outset it appeared that the cavalry had arrived just in the nick of time. The young but fearless Panthers jumped out to a 14-6 lead on a tall, but not a normally talented Syracuse team and appeared to have shaken their freshman blues. Jared Wilson-Frame, the heart and soul of the Panthers, got it started with 12 quick points…And then, and then? As they continue to do, the turnovers reared their ugly heads.Speaking of just in time, the Syracuse Orange showed up at a time when this freshman-laced team needed to see some less-than-superstar talent to measure their medal against. Truth be told, this might be the least talented team “The Cuse” has posted in the past five years.PITT HEAD COACH KEVIN STALLINGSEnough with the sad song. Here’s what you got with the Panthers, now that we’re a few months into the season.Wilson-Frame, as I said, is the team leader. A pitbull in the lane and can shoot the three, just not as consistent as I’m sure he would like. Your bona fide 3-man is Parker Stewart. He shoots it well and is getting better and more consistent each game. Marcus Carr is your point man, athletic, great ball control in transition, but makes his mistakes in the passing lane, and more than the floor general should. I continue to wonder why Coach Kevin Stallings doesn’t go with his proven senior guard, Jonathan Milligan. I suspect he wants to get Carr ready as soon as possible.Khameron Davis is one of several swingmen to play the three-spot along with Shamiel Stevenson, who doubles down at the three-spot and can step in and play the four respectfully.The trouble spot for the team out the gate was the lack of inside presence. Terrell Brown is the future at the five-spot. He started the season with a few nagging injuries, but has come on to give the team a few inside points, decent defense and some great blocked shots.MARCUS CARR is emerging as a true threat in Pitt’s offense.The unexpected pain came in the ongoing hurt foot of senior big man Ryan Luther. The Hampton/Gibsonia native was forced to take a redshirt and come back next year.To wrap this up, with 3:25 left on the clock and the Orange up 50-43 over Pitt, there were signs of the finally live and sizable crowd starting to make their way to the parking lot.But it’s not over yet.Say what you want, but I’ve said it from Day 1. Yes, they are young to be sure. Seven freshmen, but they fight to the finish, show signs of emerging talent, and grow more confident each game.To give you a bit of perspective, I’ve been around the game for 40-plus years, coached at Slippery Rock, Point Park, and Pitt, and I am telling you this team is not as bad as their record (8-14, 0-9 in ACC as of Jan. 30) would indicate, and they give you what they’ve got. From here they can only get better.Coach Kevin Stallings’ staff will need to weather the lack of experience storm, bring in a few blue chippers and hope they are a potential superstar, like Clancy, Smith and Lane, and can call Pitt home!last_img read more

U.S. women’s hockey players trying to extend gold-medal fame

first_imgMeghan Duggan, of the gold medal winning US women’s Olympic hockey team, listens to a question from the media before an outdoor NHL hockey game between the Washington Capitals and the Toronto Maple Leafs, Saturday, March 3, 2018, in Annapolis, Md. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) _ Twenty years after a cereal box changed her life, Meghan Duggan is pictured on one.When the United States won the gold medal in 1998 at the first Olympics with women’s hockey, an 11-year-old Duggan met Gretchen Ulion and got the forward to autograph her Wheaties box and still has it in her parents’ house and a copy of their photo together with sister Katelyn on her phone. After winning gold at the Pyeongchang Games, the 30-year-old captain is featured on her own cereal box as the attention flows for the latest U.S. women’s hockey champions.“We’re just taking in the win,” Duggan said at the NHL Stadium Series game at Navy between the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs. “We were out in L.A. on `Ellen’ and coming and being a part of all these big NHL games and things like that, we’ve got some stuff coming up in New York City next week, which will be really fun.”Appearing on the “Today” show and Ellen DeGeneres’ show and being feted at Los Angeles Kings and Tampa Bay Lightning games and then outdoors at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium is an impressive victory tour. The next step is for Duggan, shootout hero Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and their teammates to extend the traditional 15 minutes of fame and sustain the kind of long-lasting stardom that soccer player Mia Hamm, basketball player Lisa Leslie and other previous U.S. Olympic gold medal and World Cup winners were able to generate.A cereal box is a nice start, and Duggan and several teammates have endorsement deals with Dunkin’ Donuts with more opportunities on the horizon.“Some of us that are out of college can capitalize on the opportunities,” Monique Lamoureux-Morando said. “Hopefully exposure for one of us is exposure for all of us and it helps grow the game. If someone gets an amazing opportunity that a lot of people are a part of and get to see, then it benefits all of us.”Agent Brant Feldman, who represents Duggan and the Lamoureux twins, is trying to get his clients mainstream attention beyond hockey. The U.S. gold medalists are very well-known around hockey, taking photos with Navy Midshipmen and youth players and drawing chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” from tailgating fans in the parking lot Saturday before the NHL Stadium Series game.U.S. players earned headlines in a non-Olympic year when they threatened to boycott the world championships on home ice and came to an agreement on a better contract with USA Hockey. The deal allows players to make up to $129,000 in Olympic years when combined with contributions from the U.S. Olympic Committee _ the kind of living wage previous generations of players couldn’t earn.“It’s a great step for our sport,” Lamoureux-Davidson said. “That’s going to help support our team. … Sponsorships, if those come, that’s great and that’s supplemental income, but what we were able to create with USA Hockey is the biggest step.”The next step for players could include speaking engagements along some more endorsement deals. But they hope for a bigger change: one professional women’s league in North America instead of the competing Canadian Women’s Hockey League and National Women’s Hockey League.“They currently don’t work together,” Lamoureux-Morando said. “It’s two completely different entities. So I think moving forward, there needs to be some sort of collaboration, whether they merge or start working together. There needs to move forward in that direction.”It appears that’s a cause that players want to use their platform to promote. They’d also like to spur further growth of women’s hockey across the U.S. like Ulion and the 1998 team did.“That team, those girls, lit the fire in my heart to want to compete for my country and to want to play on this team,” Duggan said. “Fast-forward 20 years to have the opportunity to really inspire the next generation or to have little girls see that photo or see that Kellogg’s cereal box or see what our team did and want to dream big, it fills my heart. It’s why I am who I am and why I’m here today is because of those girls, and we definitely want to have that impact on the next generation.”___Follow AP Hockey Writer Stephen Whyno on Twitter at